Monday, November 27, 2006

Letting them know we care, and how much!

Any Soldier Inc.

If you haven't already, and it's NOT too late, follow the links below and open your heart to let a soldier know their not alone, their loved and cared for AND appreciated.
REGARDLESS of how one feels about the war, whether we believe they should or should not be there, doesn't matter. They ARE there and their all our brothers and sisters.

This first link will take you anywhere you need to go regarding what to send, where to send it, their needs and their desires.
And I can tell you first hand, what they cherish the most are letters!!!!

Emails, letters, packages, pre paid calling cards...all of the information is here on how and where to send them.

Supporting Our Troops

List of items

Q & A - Re: Packages

Tip for Christmas: I personally do the stockings. Load as many as I can with playing cards, T-shirts, calling cards and of course, a Christmas card. We've made it a family project and my Grand Daughter makes little cardboard 'Christmas Trees' with glitter that open up, to go into the stockings.

If you don't have the time or can't afford to do the packages, a simple card will warm their heart. It is from one heart to another and it says 'I'm here', you're not alone and 'I care!'

Also, if time does not permit shopping for certain items they need, there are packages made up and can be ordered online and shipped to them for a modest price. I think their priceless.

Talking with our troops via letters and email, which most of you probably do too, you know that most of them are young and scared and are afraid to speak out against the war, though not ALL ARE....they all have one thing in common...They want to come home.

So, besides what we can reasonably do without interference, let's light a huge bon fire under Congress's BUTTS and make them do something NOW and demand they take the power that Bush has left, AWAY FROM HIM.

We need to start a revolution!!!! He's GOT TO GO!!!!! They all HAVE TO GO!!!!

We need to get out of Iraq. We never belonged there, and it's only getting worse.

Peace and Love to you all!!!!

(Let's surprise the rest of the world and show them what we're made of)

Sunday, November 26, 2006

It will get worse...



Our troops deserve the truth, that they are being used by the rich Republican Leadership, so the rich can get richer.

If this was a REAL war against terrorism we would have used the full might of the United States to bring Bin Laden to justice for the 911 attacks, and believe me we could have Bin Laden within a week, IF we really wanted him.

If we were to get Bin Laden, and the war were to end, the war PROFITS would also end.

Those that start wars should not be allowed to have huge investments in corporations that profit off wars.

And America's Tax Payers should not be paying to re-build Iraq when Iraq is one of the richest countries in the world.

Iraq's Oil should be used to rebuild Iraq. Not tax dollars from American Workers scraping to get by while Iraq gets new schools, and a free ride.

We need to REMEMBER these Republicans when we vote.

Welcome Home Michael

I remember when Michael (in the Deer Hunter) came home and how shattered his dreams were for his future. I also remember greeting the plane that held my husband's body. They brought him home to me and all of my dreams for a future were shattered. I have friends who have never recovered from Vietnam, a war, that shouldn't have been.
Their lives as soldiers do not end when they return home; rather a continuation of the horrors they lived through, the suffering, and every dream became a shattered one. Over 200,000 souls were left homeless, without proper medical care and most suffered from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. They were treated as outcasts, after giving selflessly 5 and some, 7 years of their life never sure what they were fighting for, and losing hope.

The numbers from this war were staggering and although our government down-played these numbers...WE all knew the truth and are still living in it. In the horror of this truth.

After watching "Coming Home", a special Anderson Cooper is running, regarding our troops returning from Iraq, we're already seeing the 'homeless.' We're already seeing the red tape and all of the struggles and lack of sheer acknowledgement for their time spent over there. TIME SERVED.

One gentleman, who's body was crushed after an explosion, and after multiple surgeries, has been sleeping in his car (a familiar story) as he was only receiving $218.00 a month from the government for Disability.
Dragging his battered body to the Veteran's Administration and pleading for full disability, as $218.00 wasn't buying his food, let alone a safe and comfortable place to live. After 5 months, he was receiving $600.00 plus change. This still could not afford him a place to live. After more red tape and with help from volunteers, he is now on full Disability, $2600.00 a month. He is proud. He wants no hand-outs. He looks for work and after finding a job, and only working a short period, he ends up back in the VA Hospital, his back is so shattered. His discs are constantly being refused, so as to be able to just walk. He can lift nothing heavier than ten pounds.

This particular story will be just one of thousands, hundreds of thousands, we will be reading about in the months and years to come.
I am deeply saddened by this, although not surprised.

God Bless Our Troops......God Bless America.....Support Our Troops

Friday, November 24, 2006

Learning to Hope: Thanksgiving 2006

Plaid Adder - Democratic Underground

Great article and comments to follow!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Article I found appalling: We don't track them!?!?

Who's Counting the Dead in Iraq?
by Helen Thomas

Remember the enemy body counts during the Vietnam War? Some of those U.S. tabulations were highly exaggerated in an effort to show gains on the battlefield.

Well, we don't do that anymore.

The Pentagon has meticulously reported the American fatality toll in Iraq, now up to 286. That number includes 183 deaths from hostile fire since the start of the war. It also includes 148 dead since May 1 when President Bush declared the end of major combat operations. A Pentagon spokesman said that 1,105 U.S. service personnel have been wounded since the war began.

That kind of numerical precision doesn't apply throughout Iraq. Trying to find the death count among Iraqis has proved to be mission impossible.

I asked Pentagon officials: ''How many Iraqis have been killed in this war?'' The answers were given ''on background'' -- meaning that the Pentagon spokesmen requested anonymity. The spokesmen were honest. They clearly were following orders from the policymakers when they replied that the Iraqi fatality toll was simply not our concern.

The reply to my first Pentagon call was: ``We don't track them (Iraqi dead).''

Weeks later I pursued the question and was told by a Defense Department official: ''They don't count. They are not important,'' meaning the casualty figures.

I later asked for an explanation of why there has been no attempt to find out the number of Iraqi war dead. A Pentagon officer patiently responded: ``In combat operations, we have objectives. We don't have an objective to kill people. Our objective was to remove Saddam Hussein from Iraq.''

''If the Iraqis laid down their arms,'' he added, ''there was no problem. But if we have to go in by force to kill them, the numbers don't make a difference. It's not something we are concerned with.'' He said that U.S. forces used precision weapons to minimize the casualties.

''We achieved our military objective. We did not count'' the enemy dead, he said. ``It would be difficult at best to determine who was killed when dealing with soldiers on the ground.''

Various news organizations have come up with estimates of Iraqi dead that range from 1,700 to 3,000 persons. The heavy tonnage of bombs dropped on Iraq probably raised the civilian death toll higher.

An official at the U.S. Army Center of Military History acknowledged that the question of enemy fatalities ``is a bit sensitive to our people. We just don't face up to how many people were lost.''

Books at the history center refer to 50,000 Americans killed in World War I and some 250,000 Americans in World War II. Germany lost 1.8 million soldiers in World War I, and, as our archenemy in World War II, lost about 3.25 million people.

We do know, however, that in the Vietnam War 58,198 Americans died -- and many thousands more Vietnamese.

White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan was asked this week whether President Bush knows how many people were killed and wounded in Iraq -- ''not just Americans but the total people killed and wounded in Iraq since the beginning of the war.'' He dodged the question, simply saying that Bush is ``well aware of the sacrifices that our troops have made and the sacrifices that their families are making with our troops over there in Iraq.''

On March 18, two days before the U.S. invasion, Barbara Bush had an interview with ABC-TV's Diane Sawyer.

''Why should we hear about body bags and deaths and how many, what day it's gonna happen?'' Mrs. Bush declared. ''It's not relevant. So why should I waste my beautiful mind on something like that?'' Maybe she is right, but I don't think so.
(Lady's answer to this is, "WHAT MIND?")

If we do not know or care about the human cost of war for the winners and losers, America will be forever diminished in the eyes of the world.

Copyright 1996-2003 Knight Ridder.

Although there are similar articles regarding the hundreds of thousands of 'innocent' Iraqi's slaughtered, this mentality and the same in articles that Americans have shoved aside as being, 'just a part of war', a reminder to all those who (supposedly) researched their candidate and shamelessly voted for this tyrant the SECOND time is followed by a question: WHERE ARE ALL YOU COWARDS NOW AND HOW CAN YOU DEFEND THIS?

Legally, we have no standing President and if more did their research, they would know this. Bush was appointed and literally stole his way in twice. And Americans just sat back and watched it happen.
We could learn a valuable lesson from other countries who have began revolutions and demanded a second election AND a paper trail to ensure their choice for a leader was elected. They did such a thing and won.

I visit sites for the Right and am still appalled by their 'stand by their man' mentality and I've always believed that if there were executions on the White House lawn ordered by this tyrant, he would find a way to justify them and his (bushwacked followers, brainwashed faces without souls) would back him, 100%.

The purpose of my posting this articles is 'when is anything of importance' going to matter to the people who CLAIM they love their country? I get tired of these 'nice-nice' posts and the simple 'one-liner' comments stating their disagreement or not, but then doing nothing when they leave their home.

How many so-called concerned Americans have joined forces with other Activists to fight to restore what is left of this country? How many so-called Americans have continually signed petitions, handed out flyers, started a grassroots movement in your county to effect change? How many so-called Americans have contacted their Representatives to have your voice heard, since this is the only way they can possibly know what the American people are thinking, what they truly care about?

I'd like to hear of the ways you personally have joined forces to protest the trampling of our Constitution. I know there are concerned Americans and I ask you to share how you have contributed to salvaging this great country.

It takes ONE person to start a Revolution and many will follow. And yes, there are many revolutions taking place, and that are making a difference.

Blogging is not just posting the latest news. Blogging is interacting with others to effect change. Whether that change be, reading of someones success in gardening and then taking it a step further by letting other gardeners know so their crops etc, will be more productive, thus becoming a contribution to society.

What are we leaving our children/grand children? What will they remember about this generation? Will it be that we failed as a country to demand the truth, to demand others hold ones not speaking the truth, accountable?
Do we not hold each other accountable for our wrongdoings? Do we not demand truth and loyalty from our children?

All of the years I have been blogging and listening to the knee-jerk insults from the Right, as I expect, because they are not interested in facts, they are not interested in exchanging ideas for adopting a plan of action for this country they claim to love, although they have always been invited to comment, if they were able to show respect. I've yet to see this become reality.

Once in awhile I do the 'unspeakable' concerning blogging; I ask for insight, opinions, truth...I will probably remain confused and bewildered as to why others find it so intimidating to speak their mind. But, this is who I am and once in awhile someone surprises me and shows up with a sincere and caring comment.
I don't hold my breath, though.

Interacting effects change and the powers that be, in this case being other bloggers, if they were to all unite, I believe the skies would open.
But, first we need open minds!

Peace to all my fellow Americans.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Round & Round we Go!

These are mercenaries, over 10,000 of them, who are fighting over in Iraq and who are not U.S. citizens! But, they were promised citizenship (if they lived) , ignoring the fact that most have rap sheets also, into this country in exchange for their tour of duty in Iraq. This seems to be common practice used by officials at the Pentagon.
And now, to cover their own butts, their claiming that most of the abuses that have occurred in Iraq, have not been carried out by U.S. troops, rather, these mercenaries that the U.S. hired and promised citizenship to, are responsible.

I'm reading much different stories and even hearing U.S. Marines admit to illegal and immoral conduct...and since it's a matter of public record, their names, ranks, minus-serial numbers can be found right here on the net!

How much lower can they stoop? Ooops, I better not ask that question. Continually lying to the American people and convincing themselves we believe every word they utter. Shame on them!!! This Administration is nothing less than a disgrace!

They always need a fall-guy, and they usually find one. This is their way of avoiding any more 'bad press' and also a very useful distraction, which they have down to a (fine) art form.

Although I'm sure there is some truth to the illegal goings on due to the military's hiring of these mercenaries, they should not be allowed to shift all of the blame where all of the blame doesn't belong.

I honestly don't know when Americans are going to say, "Enough is Enough" and demand independent investigations, and once they start, there will be many rats leaving the sinking ship.

There is no doubt that Cheney is next to go. Then of course, our fearless leader.

I'll close this post with one of many quotes from the man who is illegally holding the office of President of the United States....

"Our enemies are innovative and resourceful, and so are we. They never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country and our people, and neither do we."
-Washington, D.C. , Aug. 5, 2004

(there is a video that accompanies this, but viewing it could cause an infectious rash)

Friday, November 17, 2006

Time is Running Out

The Threat is real! How Does This Threat To Internet Freedom Affect You?
An Enlightening List

This is just the beginning. Cable and telco giants want to eliminate the Internet's open road in favor of a tollway that protects their status quo while stifling new ideas and innovation. If they get their way, they'll shut down the free flow of information and dictate how you use the Internet.

The Coalition is made up of groups from across the political spectrum that have banded together to save the First Amendment of the Internet: network neutrality. No corporation or political party is funding these efforts.

Congress is pushing a law that would abandon the Internet's First Amendment-- a principle called Network Neutrality that prevents companies like AT&T, Verizon and Comcast from deciding which web sites work best for you--based on what site pays them the most. If the public doesn't speak up now, our elected officials will cave to a multi-million dollar lobbying campaign.

Sign A Petition To Save The Internet
Send A Letter To Washington

Petition To Save The Net

Site Map...Find Out Where Your Senators Stand

Don't Let Congress Ruin The Internet!

Now with Cleland, another heavy hitter and the new 'poster boy' for the 'Right' in it's campaign to cause yet, another distraction to give the big boys time to settle in, do remember Scot Cleland who served as DAS of S for 'telecom trade' under George H.W. Bush, for he's pushing real hard against net neutrality.

All the things we love to do and take for granted like uploading a YouTube clip...this is going to cost dearly if enough petitions are NOT signed and sent to Congress.

I wonder, when the telco giants are in control, how much it will cost us to download...anything we are now doing for free!!!

How many hours a week do we all spend on the Internet? Well, it will only take a few seconds to sign the Petition and let your voice be heard.


Thursday, November 16, 2006

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

My letter to Senator Nelson.

Senator Bill Nelson (D-FL)

1st-term Democrat from Florida.

Photo: Senator Nelson

Bio & Contact Info

Send Message

Key Votes

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Letters To Leaders

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Sen. Nelson

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Letters To Leaders

All messages are published with permission of the sender. The general topic of this message is Civil Liberties:

Why did I vote the Democrats in?

Sen. Bill Nelson

November 13, 2006

If only to learn that 'impeachment' is OFF the table? We voted for change. REAL CHANGE. And we know change takes time and patience.
But when we're reading that Nancy Pelosi has stripped this issue from her agenda and refuses to take it one step further, well, in 08, there will NOT be a Democrat getting MY vote. And I will campaign against every one running, if I have to. I have enough backing.

Bush is a criminal. Cheney is a criminal. Why would the Democratic party allow criminals to continue to hold office in the highest office in our land? This is despicable!!!

Crimes against the Constitution.
Crimes against humanity.

These are grounds, not only for impeachment, but for imprisonment!

If Bush would have had an affair, he would have been long gone. BUT, he is JUST RESPONSIBLE for the DEATHS of almost 800,000 people. And now he wants to invade yet another country? This IS a part of his strategy for a "New World Order" is it not?

What is wrong with the Democratic party? I am a volunteer for PDA and I will do everything in my power to deliver as many signatures as able to demand impeachment/imprisonment!!!
As they are nothing more than out-of-control thugs!

I have printed out over 5000 postcards to deliver at various locations around Florida for others to demand the same and mail them to Washington!

The corruption this Administration has flaunted in our faces for 6 years, and now, allowing it to continue on every level to preserve, in Nancy Pelosi's words...CIVILITY???? How can you answer to this? I DEMAND that you answer to this. I voted for you. It is my duty/responsibility to question my leaders..and I expect an answer!

This is not the time for being CIVIL to there ever a time??

Question: How was Henry Kissinger allowed to be appointed by Bush to head the 911 Investigation? When we all know he's just as involved and will do all in his power to save his own skin, first!

There MUST be an INDEPENDENT investigation conducted regarding the events prior and proceeding the tragedy of 911!!!

I'm sure some flunkie is reading this and probably hasn't even gotten down this far, as it is already in the shredder.

Well, so is MY VOTE for ANY Democrat in the future. THAT, is a promise!!!

REAL CHANGE??? You have fooled me twice. Shame on me!!

Monday, November 13, 2006

When will enough be enough?

Why did this not surprise me? We all knew our work was cut out for us, but this soon? In retrospect, we could still be in the same powerless position as we have been for the last 6 years. But, Nancy Pelosi and Majority Leader Harry Reid made it very clear regarding their intentions before AND after the election! I heard the message loud and clear...REAL CHANGE!!! News Flash: There cannot be any real change as long as the criminals that are illegally holding office are allowed to continue with their agenda's...which are, Invading Iran. Refusing to leave Iraq until their JOB? is Done? And what job might this be, fellow Americans? Slaughtering more innocent Iraqi's and ordering more body bags from Japan to bring our troops home in? Continuing to trash our Constitutional Rights! Governing above the law!

Watch the movie..."Loose Change"'s free. You can view it online or you can order it, invest in America, and hand it out to everyone you know. This is NO conspiracy theory. If it was even close, the FBI would not have pulled me from my home, after confiscating my computers. I was REFUSED legal counsel!!! That story is yet to be told.

Regarding Iraq, first it was, and this is not in order of importance: Reasons for being, for staying!

1) (The Big Lie) WMD

2) The Elections

3) Restore? Democracy?

4) Train the Iraqi's

5) Rebuild Iraq...Since it didn't take us very long to destroy it. And of course, enter Cheney...enter Halliburton. Wasn't this the idea from the beginning? They made a fortune off of those suffering people, and they'll continue to, if allowed.

6) Restore the Iraqi Army. Restore it to WHAT???

From Bush's lips: We will NOT LEAVE IRAQ until we get the JOB done?

Can anyone answer the question: What is the job? Is it hitting the 800,000 death mark or would it be the 4,000 death mark regarding our troops? Because we're dangerously close to the 800,000 mark right now and how many more troops will be sent home in a box before someone, ANYONE can explain to me, to the American people what our JOB is supposed to be over there? Bush can't answer it. Everyone is still waiting to find out why we're still there? Sitting on their duffs, watching the planes land with American bodies on them, oh, and then switching over to their favorite sit-com because it's too depressing to watch!!!!!!!!!!

I am just so disgusted with this mentality and I'm not the only one who has been questioning this Administration and trying with the few powers that be, to hold them accountable and demand change.

PLEASE, American citizens who love their country, please stop loving it from a distance. I, along with many other volunteers for the PDA are starting (another) grassroots movement and distributing brochures with all of the information one needs to effect change.

PLEASE read the information I received, detailing addresses where petitions can be mailed to; addresses where your representatives will hear your voices.

Under the article below is an address where you can vote to have your voice heard. PLEASE take a moment to get involved. This is YOUR country. Love it!!!!

PLEASE visit PDA (Progressive Democrats of America) and get involved ANY way you can!

Besides the flyers and brochures detailing a plan of action to effect REAL CHANGE, I printed out 5000 business cards with email addresses, phone and fax numbers to contact ones representative and to let their concerns be heard! I CANNOT, force anyone to care, but I can provide them with basic, honest communication resources!

Sadly, for everyone (who truly cares for their country) to become involved, I believe it would take the fear of having The National Guard stationed near their homes, schools, shopping centers, and of course the more obvious, being dragged off to jail after curfew and being denied a 'phone call.'
Unfortuneately for some, this just happens in the movies...No, it can't happen here? Can it?

I don't know how much more it would take to WAKE UP AMERICANS. I do know that when and if it ever does will be too late.
And I don't know how many have children who, in the very near future will be of age to be sent to fight and to die for a lie. Yes, I think maybe that would wake some people up! But then, you'll have already buried your child, like Cindy Sheehan and far too many others to count.