Sunday, November 26, 2006

Welcome Home Michael

I remember when Michael (in the Deer Hunter) came home and how shattered his dreams were for his future. I also remember greeting the plane that held my husband's body. They brought him home to me and all of my dreams for a future were shattered. I have friends who have never recovered from Vietnam, a war, that shouldn't have been.
Their lives as soldiers do not end when they return home; rather a continuation of the horrors they lived through, the suffering, and every dream became a shattered one. Over 200,000 souls were left homeless, without proper medical care and most suffered from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. They were treated as outcasts, after giving selflessly 5 and some, 7 years of their life never sure what they were fighting for, and losing hope.

The numbers from this war were staggering and although our government down-played these numbers...WE all knew the truth and are still living in it. In the horror of this truth.

After watching "Coming Home", a special Anderson Cooper is running, regarding our troops returning from Iraq, we're already seeing the 'homeless.' We're already seeing the red tape and all of the struggles and lack of sheer acknowledgement for their time spent over there. TIME SERVED.

One gentleman, who's body was crushed after an explosion, and after multiple surgeries, has been sleeping in his car (a familiar story) as he was only receiving $218.00 a month from the government for Disability.
Dragging his battered body to the Veteran's Administration and pleading for full disability, as $218.00 wasn't buying his food, let alone a safe and comfortable place to live. After 5 months, he was receiving $600.00 plus change. This still could not afford him a place to live. After more red tape and with help from volunteers, he is now on full Disability, $2600.00 a month. He is proud. He wants no hand-outs. He looks for work and after finding a job, and only working a short period, he ends up back in the VA Hospital, his back is so shattered. His discs are constantly being refused, so as to be able to just walk. He can lift nothing heavier than ten pounds.

This particular story will be just one of thousands, hundreds of thousands, we will be reading about in the months and years to come.
I am deeply saddened by this, although not surprised.

God Bless Our Troops......God Bless America.....Support Our Troops


Rockycat said...

Abby - I'm very sorry for your loss.

LadyLiberty said...

Thanks Rocky, but, my greatest loss and one I am still surviving is the death/murder of my son of 29 years, almost 4 years ago.
So, I know what it feels like to feel numb inside or so much anger you can't see straight.
I know what it's like to bury your flesh and blood. It is unspeakable pain. And I know what these parents go through when they get a knock on their door or a phone call and guess who's NOT coming home for Christmas? NOT coming home at all!!! Because we haven't been able to stop this MADMAN and his COHORTS from destroying what's left of this country and it's spirit.
What they can't take away are my memories. And I've already had a visit from the FBI so I don't care who thinks I sound threatening to who. It just doesn't matter anymore!!!
(sorry for the rant) And thanks for your kind words...Peace

Rockycat said...

Abby - I can't imagine what you have been through. And now the FBI is calling? Hang in there - you're a strong, strong woman.