Wednesday, January 23, 2008

A Bad Memory

Not a native Floridian, but have resided here for 14 years. I came across this site while on The Brad Blog and remembered what a total nightmare this woman is.
The votes that were not counted to name one of a zillion reasons why we should demand her lobotomy become permanent. It isn't because if it was, there would be no further contact with Boy George, Mini Boy George and Texas Tea Jeb and... 'missing in action', the infamous FBI files.
Venting...Peace Out

Monday, January 14, 2008

Someone please take aim at this 'Carnival of Fools' and knock the duck down....

Things Have Gotten So Crazy Now a Prankster Could Start World War III!
Submitted by dlindorff on Mon, 2008-01-14 23:05. Iran | Media

By Dave Lindorff

President Bush, a lame-duck loose cannon, is traipsing around the Middle East calling Iran a state sponsor of terror and condemning what he calls Iran’s “provocative” acts in the Strait of Hormuz at the choke point between the Persian Gulf and the Arabian Sea.

Everyone knows the president and his viceroy, Vice President Dick Cheney, are just itching to launch American bombers and cruise missiles against Iran before the end of this second nightmarish term of office, and now we hear that the so-called “provocative” incident, which we were told was replete with threats to blow up a destroyer in “15 seconds” was actually the work of a “prankster” who was making threats on the air using English with a faked (badly) Iranian accent.

So has this brush with disaster, which would have surely ensued had the US Navy fired on Iranian speedboats in their vicinity, led the president to pull back from his bellicosity?

No. On the contrary, he’s upping the ante, calling Iran a terrorist state, thus implicitly giving himself permission to “take them out.”

` Luckily for us and for the longsuffering people of Iran, the US Navy is run by officers who are not crazy, who don’t want another war, and who especially don’t want a war that includes having a fleet of American ships stuck like sitting ducks in the confined space of the Persian Gulf in the sights of hundreds of Iranian shore-to-ship missiles. (They were all sunk in minutes with a loss of a whole aircraft carrier battle group and 20,000 crewmembers in a Pentagon war game played in 2002 and then hushed up.)

As long as the admirals in Washington, and the captains on those ships in harm’s way, keep their cool, and don’t let themselves be provoked by the hotheads in the White House and in Tehran who see political benefits in provoking hostilities, Bush’s wet dream of a third war in the Middle East against Iran won’t come true.

The same can’t be said for the US media, which for the most part have been trumpeting all the president’s scariest and most threatening lines, while burying the news that the provocation in the Gulf was faked.

A real news organization worthy of the name would be trying to find out who’s behind the fakery. It shouldn’t be hard—a military that can use satellite technology to send a cruise missile or a Predator drone-fired missile crashing down onto the holder of a cell phone, should have no trouble locating the source of a fake ship-to-ship communication. (Unless of course it turns out that the message was the work not of a prankster, but of someone working for the Bush gang.)

Let’s be clear here. The naval armada that Bush has assembled in the Gulf has no function other than to threaten Iran. The US military has adequate air bases on land in and around Iraq to handle all the needs of US troops in that country, and the ships in the gulf are of no use whatsoever in the conflict in landlocked Afghanistan, because they can’t send planes there without overflying Iran.

Their role is simply to provoke. To provoke what? Why a war, of course.

Congress needs to pull the plug on this madness before one of the many scams and schemes of the Bush/Cheney gang succeeds in the president’s goal of getting a hot war going between the US and Iran.

A really amateurish effort—prank or black-op—to make a routine cat-and-mouse game by Iranian speedboats and a US battle group into a live-fire incident with dead bodies in the water—could have succeeded.

There must be no next time. It’s time to move forward, with dispatch, on Dennis Kucinich’s bill of impeachment against Cheney, which features the administration’s aggressive efforts to foment a war against Iran in violation of the UN Charter.

I read the news today, oh boy...

Friday, January 11, 2008

Is there anything left up there in the space which should contain a brain?

TEL AVIV (Reuters) - U.S. President George W. Bush wrapped up his mission to Israel and the occupied West Bank on Friday, emboldened enough to have predicted a peace treaty within a year but with no major breakthroughs for his efforts. ADVERTISEMENT

Concluding his first presidential visit to the Holy Land, Bush headed for Kuwait, the first of five stops with Arab allies he hopes will aid the fragile peace process and help contain Iran's growing regional clout.

Bush flew out of Tel Aviv after painting an upbeat picture from talks this week with Israeli Prime Ehud Olmert and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas intended to build on a U.S.-hosted international peace conference in November.

Sending a symbolic message, Bush ended the first leg of a week-long Middle East tour by visiting the Mount of Beatitudes, where Jesus is believed to have intoned "blessed are the peacemakers," and the ruins of Capernaum on the Sea of Galilee.

I read this but could not believe it. It seems that Bush's 'god' is still talking to him. Did he actually say.."Blessed are the Peacemakers"? This is coming from someone who has ordered the deaths of countless innocent Iraqi's and is still searching for a means to execute his plan for a "New World Order."

There are countless petitions to remove this lunatic from office. No, I will not call him President. We do not have one. We have an impostor wreaking havoc for the last 7 years and a group of spineless puppets allowing him to continue on his destructive path.

There IS something that we can continue to do. Keep SIGNING and KEEP writing your state's Representatives and demanding action be taken. Too many have thrown their hands up in disgust...and this is why this country is failing.
Americans are failing to respond, in every way! And he is winning. The spirit of the American people has been broken.

So, let's give him credit where credit is due: He has shredded our Constitution...Rewritten the Bill of Rights...Created laws that will protect him from being held accountable for any wrong doing...Refused to cooperate in any way, in the 911 Investigations...Condones torture...Continues to abandon the poor by cutting further spending for low income families...Has dipped, once again, into Medicare to continue to pay for a war that should never have been...Is playing 'cat and mouse' with Iran...etc., etc., etc., and we continue to do NOTHING!

And those of us who were fooled by the Democrats by voting them into Congress to effect change, and then turned their backs on the American people, shame on us too, for allowing them to 'party' on, 
at our expense!!!

I want the questions for these candidates to include all of the above and not just centered around time lines for the war. This Administration has started a war in America and no one seems to be fighting back.

Let's start asking the hard questions and let's start demanding answers. Straight yes. Straight no.

There are petitions everyone can sign to demand, at the next debate, that these issues be addressed. And the candidate that I will vote for will have to assure me that they are capable of addressing these issues, or they will not get my vote.

I've heard no talk concerning the above and this frightens me and disturbs me. Where are the journalists, if there are any left that have not been bought or borrowed?

If someone doesn't stand up for this country soon, making the necessary sacrifices it will take to ensure that we will live free and no longer in fear, the only option
left is to 'set out the lawn chairs and watch the fireworks'...Because..they are coming!!!

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Glad to be back on Blogger

Happy '2008' and hope everyone is well. Just coming back after a long stretch and I'll be catching up on reading on my favorite and 'missed' blogs.
Looking forward to hearing from everyone!


Friday, May 04, 2007

Couldn't watch it, in it's entirety

It was dark. It was ugly. It was dirty. It was down right stupid. So, after 6 minutes, I saw exactly what I knew I would see, and hear.
Keep reading, reading. Signing, signing. And while you're at it, it would be a really good idea to take the blindfold off. They've been on WAY too long!

The Chinese Army walks straight, with a purpose...never...sideways, sideways, sideways.

The highlight of this whole mess was the elite "24%" agreeing that 2008 is going to be the end of time. In days such as these, it's difficult to distinguish fantasy from reality, unless of course your not a monkey.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

TWO down...ONE to go!!

The top "5" headlines from Buzzflash this morning:

1) The Bush Administration routinely has underreported the level of violence in Iraq in order to disguise it's policy failings, the Iraq Study Group report said Wednesday.
2) Elizabeth de la Vega's Criminal Indictment of George W. Bush Et Al, -- A Buzzflash Interview
3) Update
4) Update
5)Bush's war policies have failed in almost every regard, the bipartisan Iraq Study Group concluded Wednesday, and it warned of dwindling chances to change course before crisis turns to chaos with dire implications for terrorism, war in the Middle East and higher oil prices around the world.

The interview with Elizabeth de la Vega is a must read.

Click on headlines to read the articles from my site (under "buzz it")...Buzzflash!

Monday, November 27, 2006

Letting them know we care, and how much!

Any Soldier Inc.

If you haven't already, and it's NOT too late, follow the links below and open your heart to let a soldier know their not alone, their loved and cared for AND appreciated.
REGARDLESS of how one feels about the war, whether we believe they should or should not be there, doesn't matter. They ARE there and their all our brothers and sisters.

This first link will take you anywhere you need to go regarding what to send, where to send it, their needs and their desires.
And I can tell you first hand, what they cherish the most are letters!!!!

Emails, letters, packages, pre paid calling cards...all of the information is here on how and where to send them.

Supporting Our Troops

List of items

Q & A - Re: Packages

Tip for Christmas: I personally do the stockings. Load as many as I can with playing cards, T-shirts, calling cards and of course, a Christmas card. We've made it a family project and my Grand Daughter makes little cardboard 'Christmas Trees' with glitter that open up, to go into the stockings.

If you don't have the time or can't afford to do the packages, a simple card will warm their heart. It is from one heart to another and it says 'I'm here', you're not alone and 'I care!'

Also, if time does not permit shopping for certain items they need, there are packages made up and can be ordered online and shipped to them for a modest price. I think their priceless.

Talking with our troops via letters and email, which most of you probably do too, you know that most of them are young and scared and are afraid to speak out against the war, though not ALL ARE....they all have one thing in common...They want to come home.

So, besides what we can reasonably do without interference, let's light a huge bon fire under Congress's BUTTS and make them do something NOW and demand they take the power that Bush has left, AWAY FROM HIM.

We need to start a revolution!!!! He's GOT TO GO!!!!! They all HAVE TO GO!!!!

We need to get out of Iraq. We never belonged there, and it's only getting worse.

Peace and Love to you all!!!!

(Let's surprise the rest of the world and show them what we're made of)

Sunday, November 26, 2006

It will get worse...



Our troops deserve the truth, that they are being used by the rich Republican Leadership, so the rich can get richer.

If this was a REAL war against terrorism we would have used the full might of the United States to bring Bin Laden to justice for the 911 attacks, and believe me we could have Bin Laden within a week, IF we really wanted him.

If we were to get Bin Laden, and the war were to end, the war PROFITS would also end.

Those that start wars should not be allowed to have huge investments in corporations that profit off wars.

And America's Tax Payers should not be paying to re-build Iraq when Iraq is one of the richest countries in the world.

Iraq's Oil should be used to rebuild Iraq. Not tax dollars from American Workers scraping to get by while Iraq gets new schools, and a free ride.

We need to REMEMBER these Republicans when we vote.

Welcome Home Michael

I remember when Michael (in the Deer Hunter) came home and how shattered his dreams were for his future. I also remember greeting the plane that held my husband's body. They brought him home to me and all of my dreams for a future were shattered. I have friends who have never recovered from Vietnam, a war, that shouldn't have been.
Their lives as soldiers do not end when they return home; rather a continuation of the horrors they lived through, the suffering, and every dream became a shattered one. Over 200,000 souls were left homeless, without proper medical care and most suffered from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. They were treated as outcasts, after giving selflessly 5 and some, 7 years of their life never sure what they were fighting for, and losing hope.

The numbers from this war were staggering and although our government down-played these numbers...WE all knew the truth and are still living in it. In the horror of this truth.

After watching "Coming Home", a special Anderson Cooper is running, regarding our troops returning from Iraq, we're already seeing the 'homeless.' We're already seeing the red tape and all of the struggles and lack of sheer acknowledgement for their time spent over there. TIME SERVED.

One gentleman, who's body was crushed after an explosion, and after multiple surgeries, has been sleeping in his car (a familiar story) as he was only receiving $218.00 a month from the government for Disability.
Dragging his battered body to the Veteran's Administration and pleading for full disability, as $218.00 wasn't buying his food, let alone a safe and comfortable place to live. After 5 months, he was receiving $600.00 plus change. This still could not afford him a place to live. After more red tape and with help from volunteers, he is now on full Disability, $2600.00 a month. He is proud. He wants no hand-outs. He looks for work and after finding a job, and only working a short period, he ends up back in the VA Hospital, his back is so shattered. His discs are constantly being refused, so as to be able to just walk. He can lift nothing heavier than ten pounds.

This particular story will be just one of thousands, hundreds of thousands, we will be reading about in the months and years to come.
I am deeply saddened by this, although not surprised.

God Bless Our Troops......God Bless America.....Support Our Troops