Monday, November 27, 2006

Letting them know we care, and how much!

Any Soldier Inc.

If you haven't already, and it's NOT too late, follow the links below and open your heart to let a soldier know their not alone, their loved and cared for AND appreciated.
REGARDLESS of how one feels about the war, whether we believe they should or should not be there, doesn't matter. They ARE there and their all our brothers and sisters.

This first link will take you anywhere you need to go regarding what to send, where to send it, their needs and their desires.
And I can tell you first hand, what they cherish the most are letters!!!!

Emails, letters, packages, pre paid calling cards...all of the information is here on how and where to send them.

Supporting Our Troops

List of items

Q & A - Re: Packages

Tip for Christmas: I personally do the stockings. Load as many as I can with playing cards, T-shirts, calling cards and of course, a Christmas card. We've made it a family project and my Grand Daughter makes little cardboard 'Christmas Trees' with glitter that open up, to go into the stockings.

If you don't have the time or can't afford to do the packages, a simple card will warm their heart. It is from one heart to another and it says 'I'm here', you're not alone and 'I care!'

Also, if time does not permit shopping for certain items they need, there are packages made up and can be ordered online and shipped to them for a modest price. I think their priceless.

Talking with our troops via letters and email, which most of you probably do too, you know that most of them are young and scared and are afraid to speak out against the war, though not ALL ARE....they all have one thing in common...They want to come home.

So, besides what we can reasonably do without interference, let's light a huge bon fire under Congress's BUTTS and make them do something NOW and demand they take the power that Bush has left, AWAY FROM HIM.

We need to start a revolution!!!! He's GOT TO GO!!!!! They all HAVE TO GO!!!!

We need to get out of Iraq. We never belonged there, and it's only getting worse.

Peace and Love to you all!!!!

(Let's surprise the rest of the world and show them what we're made of)


jv said...

Bringing our troops home is the best gift of all!

BBC said...

Interesting blog hon, keep up the good work.

You listed some good movies in your profile. Have you seen Mystic Pizza? It's a funny romantic comedy. Hugs.

pissed off patricia said...

I must agree with jv, allowing them to spend the holidays with their family would be the greatest gift of all. But since the administration doesn't seem to have it in their heart, this is the second best thing.

Lily said...

Nice to meet you Abby. Don't think I;ve been here before but I recognize some bloggers I know!

I do send things, because while its not much I want to send a message that we value our troops even if we dont think our government does. Even if this administration refuses to do right by our enlisted men and women by bringing them home and making sure that the use of their lives is a tragic but needed last resort. Not what we have done.

I also think its important to write letters/call and take action to try to make sure benefits are fair and available, and that VA funds are not always on the chopping block.

LadyLiberty said...

I don't mean to sound condescending JV, but in an Ideal world, I wouldn't have written that post!
We ARE at war, our troops are NOT home, and the reality of it is, there are things we can do to show we care and we still have love in our hearts; and we can sacrifice in 'little' ways to show those we aren't giving up hope, who have been sacrificing in 'BIG' ways!!

We are ALL in this thing...together!

Thanks for stopping over! Stay cool!

LadyLiberty said...

Hey Bill (bbc), I visited your blog earlier and am going back a little later. Boy, you've got it all..Sex, Snow, Spirituality...a divervse trip. I LIKE IT!!!
Oh, and refreshingly honest! #1.

Thanks for the thumbs up on my blog! Appreciate it. You either LIKE ME or you REALLY don't LIKE ME!!!
But, you know, I'm too old for games and I've never been one to sugar coat words.
I've been rockin' and rollin' since my Woodstock days, so it's who I am.
And...I can't even remember the last time I argued with someone. We're all unique and should share ideas and learn from one another. When we stop growing...we shouldn't be here.

Mystic Pizza does sound familiar. I may have seen it but it may have been awhile ago. I will check it out, though. Thanks!

Thanks for stopping over and Hugs back atcha!!!

LadyLiberty said...

Hi pop, like I shared with JV, this is the reality of it, so we move on from here. And no, this Administration shouldn't BE! I agree! I'm glad you feel that this is a good thing, too! I hope more adopt that attitude!

Thanks for stopping over!! I'll be over your way a little later!

LadyLiberty said...

Hi Lily, nice to meet you! And good for you for letting them know by a letter, card, ANY way...that we care back here. My heart breaks for these troops and their families.

And your right, it's VERY important that we continue to have our voices heard.
Check out my post on "Vets For Justice Forums" and sign away. There are many petitions supporting their rights that this Administration has been stripping them of. We need to stay on top of everyone, especially now.

Also, don't miss "Coming Home", a special that Anderson Coooper has been running on how unfairly our vets, when returning home, are treated.
My last 2 or 3 posts are depicting these injustices.
I write constantly. On every issue I disagree on. Our Representatives NEED to hear from the people and weekly, if not more. right to the 'source', the ones who want to 'stay the course'... then go read the letters on People are voicing like never before. This is good!!! Finally, more Americans are saying, "Enough is Enough."

Thanks so much Lily for stopping by and letting me know how you feel much you care!!!

Hang in there! The rats are finally leaving the sinking ship!!!

BBC said...

Hi Hon, thanks for dropping into visit me. I'm happy that you have a good mate and a good life and are working toward making life better for others.

Now, go give him a hug for me. :-)

BBC said...

I so fucking missed Woodstock. I was so fucking square back then that you wouldn't fucking believe it.

I was a fucking service manager wearing a tie in a Ford dealership.

*Smacks fucking head*


LadyLiberty said...

Hubby said..."Gee, I was screwed by Fox, no fun, but now I'm being caressed by bbc."

Your too funny!!!

LadyLiberty said...

Hey, not EVERYONE was at Woodstock. Well, ALMOST EVERYONE...ROFLOL!!!

Don't fret. I'm sure there's movies, live shots of (most of) what went on..hehe...

I do have to say I am grateful for the "Experience." As it's lasted throughout my lifetime. Totally awesome!!

I had graduated from high school a few months before and it was my graduation gift to myself. I did good!

What's really cool is I went with my fav pair of bells and a paisley top, and I still have them, and I still wear them.

My friends all say I'm stuck in a 60's time warp! Wouldn't have it anyother way!!!

Thanks, you really made me laugh. You're cool!!

Peace brother!!

JosephintheBracknell said...

I'm not in Iraq, I'm in England.

You might want to sort out your "their" from your "they're."

The Cat said...

It is so refreshing to read this stuff. Keep it up. Let's all be a part of the revolution.

LadyLiberty said...

Hi Cat and Thanks! We all need to be a part of this...No truer words were ever spoken!!!


BBC said...

When do your fans get a new post?

LadyLiberty said...

bbc, Hi friend...been under the weather for some weeks now. Have been spending a lot of time in bed. No energy!

Thanks for stopping! Good to see you. Hope you are well!

Peace LL

Layla said...

Joseph, I'm glad that you are not in Iraq!!!
You still 'might want to'...
C H I L L out, cause 'life is short, babe!