Sunday, November 26, 2006

It will get worse...



Our troops deserve the truth, that they are being used by the rich Republican Leadership, so the rich can get richer.

If this was a REAL war against terrorism we would have used the full might of the United States to bring Bin Laden to justice for the 911 attacks, and believe me we could have Bin Laden within a week, IF we really wanted him.

If we were to get Bin Laden, and the war were to end, the war PROFITS would also end.

Those that start wars should not be allowed to have huge investments in corporations that profit off wars.

And America's Tax Payers should not be paying to re-build Iraq when Iraq is one of the richest countries in the world.

Iraq's Oil should be used to rebuild Iraq. Not tax dollars from American Workers scraping to get by while Iraq gets new schools, and a free ride.

We need to REMEMBER these Republicans when we vote.


Rockycat said...

Let's face it, the Republican party is all about making as much money as possible off the backs of others. I agree that people who start wars should not be allowed to profit from them. Our current leadership should be ashamed of themselves.

pissed off patricia said...

People who start wars should not only be banned from making a profit from them, they should also have to fight in them.

LadyLiberty said...

For sure, and we can't stop letting them know we're going to fight them every inch of the way!!!
This war has to end...NOW!!!!

Thanks for stopping Rocky!!

LadyLiberty said...

I agree profits, but hey, that's what our Administration is all about. Forget lives. Forget anything besides the fat cats getting fatter. The heavy hitters need to be piled up real high and then...a match needs to be struck!!!!