Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Glad to be back on Blogger

Happy '2008' and hope everyone is well. Just coming back after a long stretch and I'll be catching up on reading on my favorite and 'missed' blogs.
Looking forward to hearing from everyone!



BBC said...

Good morning, welcome back, I think. But I've decided that all we are doing is mucking around with our blogs, tiny voices trying to be heard.

You don't sound very optimistic about 2008, I'm not either, but I'm as ready for it as I can get. And I think it will be interesting to observe.

I think that America is failing, but American's like to live in denial, and those that do care can't do anything about it.

Two interesting links at the bottom of my post this morning. Take care, hugs. Bill

Lady Liberty said...

Hello my friend and so good to hear from you. I went to your blog (s) and read my little heart out. I just love reading what going on in your life because you are so REAL!!!!
I have missed you!!!
Regarding the state of our Nation; This is not the 60's when everyone rallied for a cause and CHANGE did occurr.
We live in a 'remote control' society, where no one get's involved, well, not in the volumns back when anyway, and the attitude is, "Let the other guy do something" and since everyone has that same attitude, nothing has gotten done.

I have been an activist since the 60's and have seen real change take place in this country and I believe with the state of our country right now, more people have taken off their blindfolds because they are just plain SCARED!!!

I never give up hope that one day we will see positive change. The right people with the right 'connections' have to be in office. This is not a personality contest. We must weigh the pros and cons and past history for change and vote accordingly and hope for the best.

The mess we are in right now and I don't have enough space to get into it, would take 3-two term Presidents to even start to see a glimmer of light.

People have failed America because not enough Americans have spoke out and worked to affect CHANGE.
And these same ones are complaining what a mess we are in.

And you are right, these same people are in DENIAL and they stay there and comfortably so, because this is a way they don't have to fight the good fight.

They have spit on the very building blocks that have made this country great and then continued so, by sitting back and allowing a dictator to destroy the very spirit of this country.

Read my "letter to Senator Nelson" showing my disgust for an inability to show an ounce of Courage when needed.

I am disgusted but I continue to hope because I love this country.

Take care and much Peace to you!!