Friday, January 11, 2008

Is there anything left up there in the space which should contain a brain?

TEL AVIV (Reuters) - U.S. President George W. Bush wrapped up his mission to Israel and the occupied West Bank on Friday, emboldened enough to have predicted a peace treaty within a year but with no major breakthroughs for his efforts. ADVERTISEMENT

Concluding his first presidential visit to the Holy Land, Bush headed for Kuwait, the first of five stops with Arab allies he hopes will aid the fragile peace process and help contain Iran's growing regional clout.

Bush flew out of Tel Aviv after painting an upbeat picture from talks this week with Israeli Prime Ehud Olmert and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas intended to build on a U.S.-hosted international peace conference in November.

Sending a symbolic message, Bush ended the first leg of a week-long Middle East tour by visiting the Mount of Beatitudes, where Jesus is believed to have intoned "blessed are the peacemakers," and the ruins of Capernaum on the Sea of Galilee.

I read this but could not believe it. It seems that Bush's 'god' is still talking to him. Did he actually say.."Blessed are the Peacemakers"? This is coming from someone who has ordered the deaths of countless innocent Iraqi's and is still searching for a means to execute his plan for a "New World Order."

There are countless petitions to remove this lunatic from office. No, I will not call him President. We do not have one. We have an impostor wreaking havoc for the last 7 years and a group of spineless puppets allowing him to continue on his destructive path.

There IS something that we can continue to do. Keep SIGNING and KEEP writing your state's Representatives and demanding action be taken. Too many have thrown their hands up in disgust...and this is why this country is failing.
Americans are failing to respond, in every way! And he is winning. The spirit of the American people has been broken.

So, let's give him credit where credit is due: He has shredded our Constitution...Rewritten the Bill of Rights...Created laws that will protect him from being held accountable for any wrong doing...Refused to cooperate in any way, in the 911 Investigations...Condones torture...Continues to abandon the poor by cutting further spending for low income families...Has dipped, once again, into Medicare to continue to pay for a war that should never have been...Is playing 'cat and mouse' with Iran...etc., etc., etc., and we continue to do NOTHING!

And those of us who were fooled by the Democrats by voting them into Congress to effect change, and then turned their backs on the American people, shame on us too, for allowing them to 'party' on, 
at our expense!!!

I want the questions for these candidates to include all of the above and not just centered around time lines for the war. This Administration has started a war in America and no one seems to be fighting back.

Let's start asking the hard questions and let's start demanding answers. Straight yes. Straight no.

There are petitions everyone can sign to demand, at the next debate, that these issues be addressed. And the candidate that I will vote for will have to assure me that they are capable of addressing these issues, or they will not get my vote.

I've heard no talk concerning the above and this frightens me and disturbs me. Where are the journalists, if there are any left that have not been bought or borrowed?

If someone doesn't stand up for this country soon, making the necessary sacrifices it will take to ensure that we will live free and no longer in fear, the only option
left is to 'set out the lawn chairs and watch the fireworks'...Because..they are coming!!!


C.H. said...

Suggesting that Bush is responsible for the current standoff with Iran is absurd. Iran has been provoking us long before Bush ever set foot in the oval office. Do you really think that Bush would want to go to war in such a weakened political state...against a country that has threatened to unleash thousands of Hezbollah suicide bombers on American and Israeli targets all over the world? Just the other day, general petreaus confirmed that the Iranians have re-started the flow of EFP's across the border into southern Iraq. They are also out in the Persian Gulf harassing American ships. And lets not forget that they continue to defy the world by enriching uranium. We're the one's provoking them? Nothing can be further from the truth.

Lady Liberty said...

c.h. wrote: "Do you really think that Bush would want to go to war in such a weakened political state..."


And is Bush provoking Iran?

Of course he is!

And since we have little reserve for U.S. protection, this newest and brightest plan of his would leave us vulnerable to total annililation.
I believe he calls this 'foreplay'?